Allow me to introduce myself...
A Nom de Plume is otherwise known as a pen name. For the past several years, 
I've written under the name of J D Evanston, AKA Jacques Daveon Evanston. Depending on either mood, need, or season, I spend my nights under the stars in or near water in Florida, South Carolina, Costa Rica, Panama; Central America. 

Some close to me say life events have made me an ex-Pirate; others say in ways,   I am even more dedicated - to continually defending the weak and unfortunate.
Always I will rescue any damsel, or wench in distress. Mermaids are my particular specialty. Not all Pirates are cold, some just require freedom.

Admittedly, I am growing a bit long in the tooth. However, my participation in life, searching for love, adventure, and helping those in need, is as young as ever. I suppose that is, at least in part, the reason I so truly enjoy attempting to place into words the true experiences, realities, and emotions of real life.

The positive results and effects of many unfortunate events have burned upon my soul a compassion that has reformed my focus and intent of life.

With all due logic and scrutiny, no one can dispute the direct intervention and clear participation of some higher power intentionally guarding my life for purpose, or purposes yet unknown. After facing death and being inexplicably rescued four distinct times by some invisible force, I clearly see there is work left to be done. Therefore, I view every new day as yet another day in paradise, and another day to watch for the often subtle signs directing my path.

The personal quote I am most known for- 
I love everyone, just some more than others.

Follow my journey, sometimes a voyage, of adventures as I search the world sharing not only peace, love, and understanding, but utilizing science to provide clean water, and searching for any means to end hunger, ways to stop the spread of disease, and means to forever eliminate both physical and emotional violence against women, children, the helpless, and the infirm. 

These formidable concerns are my primary focus. The life stories born of these
truths pain my soul, but also nourish my pen to bring voice to the silent, and strength to the defenseless, as I enlighten the intentionally ignorant world 
that personal wealth should never exist as long as any child cries out for food.

May the stories I scribe bring compassion to the unaware, 
wisdom to the ignorant, and conviction to the selfish.

May the seeds of inequality I intentionally plant, weigh upon the conscience of the wealthy, for these are capable of providing the basic tenants of life itself; filling countless empty stomachs of the desperate, and eliminating the spread of disease and death from the non-choice of drinking contaminated water.
 Those possessing bounty are obliged to share with those less fortunate. 
​   My life's creed
Always, and all ways
Walk in peace...Believe...
Speak to lift and encourage...
Dream of new possibilities...
Help those in need...
Love without reserve... 
Act unselfishly...
 Give unconditionally...
Eliminate negativity...
Hold tightly your ideals...
Step out in faith...
and life's fullness, joy, and beauty
                                        will be revealed beyond imagination.                                      
Jacques Daveon Evanston (C) 2013
Jacques Daveon Evanston
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My 3rd book- Non-fiction
                         People 101    Rated G
A simple guide to understanding others
in relationships, in business, and in life
            Due for release Summer 2017

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   My 1st book-  Looking for Love Letter Series
From the pen of a Pirate seeking living treasure
                             Rated M for mature readers
 J D Evanston    Copywriter - Author - Travel Writer  
My 2nd book     Rated G
   Following history
     into the future
     A full length cross-genre novel 
         part history, part memoir, 
    part documentary, and part Sci-fi
             Due out late 2017